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We love our customers!

We work hard to ensure our love for our customers comes through in each of our engagements. Here are some comments from customers currently using one or more managed functions:

"SURA receives payments on large numbers of policies each day. The payments are made into our bank account in lump sums and need to be allocated to policies in our underwriting systems.

To do the allocation, our finance staff have to find PDF or Excel remittances emailed to us each day. The format of these remittances varies from agency to agency so it's tough to automate. We set up two managed functions to handle the process. The first function extracts the allocation data from the PDF or Excel remittances. The second function matches the allocation data with the policy in our underwriting system so our finance staff can easily see how to allocate each of the payments. Next step is putting in a third managed function that automatically pushes the payment information directly into our underwriting system."

The EQ8R Managed Functions team has been great to work with on the remittance automation project. They care about getting the best result for our business and work well with every member of our team from finance through to IT. And now that we know the capability and flexibility of managed functions we are looking for other areas of our business to apply the solution."
Andy Pytches, CFO
"At The Pharmacy Guild we needed to incrementally migrate our payroll data from one system to another. The Managed Functions team set up two functions that allowed us to do this repetitively over a period of months. Without the managed functions, we would have had to maintain a series of complex spreadsheets which would have been really challenging to get right.

We greatly enjoyed working with the Managed Functions team during this project. They are responsive and outcome-focused and work through problems with good humour and innovative approaches."
Rebecca Smith, Payroll Services Manager
"At Aquiliti we do a lot of spend categorisation for our clients. Once we categorise products and spend according to a taxonomy that is meaningful to our client we use an EQ8R managed function to identify similar products to those we've already classified. It's the perfect meld of human expertise and machine automation.

The EQ8R team is approachable, energetic and insightful. We'll definitely work with them when future opportunities arise."
Matt Dunn, Director
"optiBPO's monthly billing cycle was highly manual and taking a significant amount of time to process. We were also concerned with data accuracy and completeness of the invoices that were being created in Xero. We now use two managed functions for our billing process. The first function gathers the data from multiple sources and combines the data sets together. After validation, the second managed function takes the data and automatically creates invoices in Xero. This process is now done quickly, automatically and accurately by managed functions.

We have enjoyed working with the Managed Functions team in developing these functions. They take a pragmatic and innovative approach to solving problems and we look forward to working with them on future projects."
Nicola Mace, Director
"At Carnivore Qld we turned to EQ8R when we were asked to integrate with  one of our big customers. The EQ8R team quickly implemented an electronic invoicing solution that has just worked ever since it was deployed. The team at EQ8R talked us through exactly what needed to be done and why; and have managed everything since. I wish all of our IT worked the same way.
Scot Tier, Owner
Carnivore QLD
What can be automated?

Case studies

The most time-consuming processes in your company are often the processes where you interact with organisations outside your company: billing, marketing, inventory management, accounts payable, etc.

Managed functions serve as the skin of your company standardising and automating the flow of data and documents into and out of your company.

What You Get

Managed Functions Features

Simple & Powerful

Managed Functions run in the cloud on our infrastructure or yours

At EQ8R Managed Functions, we are data scientists who specialise in automation, data transformation and data extraction.

We write our code in Jupyter Notebooks, the most widely used data science platform. Managed Functions are automatically created from the Jupyter Notebooks and deployed to AWS servers in the region of your choice.

The resulting workflows are robust, easily deployed, easy to maintain and inexpensive to run.

Run the managed functions on our Cloud or yours

Managed Functions can be deployed to our cloud or yours.

Automatically convert PDF documents to data

Data in PDF documents is automatically converted to data.

Read from any datasource, write to any datasource

No matter where your data comes from or where it needs to go to.

Store your data wherever you need to

Managed Functions can store your data in your home country.

Full visibility into all of your functions

Receive daily reporting on the operations of all of your managed functions.

Friendly Support

We're always glad to help, so don’t hesitate to contact us.


Strategy consulting firms wanted!

The diagram below shows a remittance processing solution that reads remittances emailed to your client, unpaid items in their ERP system and bank statement data from their bank. A Managed Function matches all of the data and sends it to your client's ERP system.

To implement this in your client, you just need to draw out the process as shown in the diagram below and we work out how to connect with the systems and transform the data along the way.

Automate your Client's operations!

You handle the big picture,
we'll take care of the details

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Get more information on how to become a Managed Function partner

Your clients draw on your expertise to make their business better. But sometimes there can be a disconnect between your strategic guidance and your client's ability to adopt the strategy. Managed Functions help you and your client bridge that gap. Once you identify the best strategy for your client, you hand us a high-level diagram of the processes and we work with you and your client to implement it.

Frequently Asked Questions from Partners

Is this expensive for our clients? Do our clients end up paying twice? Once for our services and again for yours?

No. The beauty of Managed Functions is that you get paid for the high level thinking and we get paid for the detail. A successful automation project needs both of these components. Your client pays for the end result and we split the payment for the detail work based on the value we each contribute to that result.

The three benefits for you are:
1. Your clients get a working solution, not just strategy.
2. You still charge the same fee for the strategy. We divvy up the fee for bringing the strategy to life.
3. In most projects there is an ongoing revenue stream that we share.

How does the tech work?

Managed Functions are Python Jupyter Notebooks (the most widely used data science platform) turned into AWS Lambda Functions, Step Functions and Cloudwatch Events (the most widely used serverless platform). They are a robust, cost-effective automation solution.

Our clients are required to keep their data "on-shore". Do Managed Functions allow that?

Managed Functions can be deployed to any region currently serviced by AWS. Click here for a list of AWS regions.

How long does it take to deploy a Managed Function?

Typically, each Managed Function can be built in a day or two. The challenging part is figuring out how the process should work. With our input, in the time it would take you to prepare a strategy deck, you can also guide your client through the solution discovery diagram process and retain us to develop the required managed functions.

This allows your client to get the benefit of your strategic thinking and end up with a solution that addresses their requirements. And you get to bill for the strategy and part of the solution.
Who we are

We are client-focused, lifelong learners, committed to improving how businesses operate

Doug Hudgeon
CEO of EQ8R Managed Functions

Doug Hudgeon is a lawyer by education but started his technology career shortly after completing law school. His first start up was an electronic invoicing analytics company that helped insurers better manage their claims. After exiting this start up he spent several years helping Austalian companies set up business process outsourcing and shared services centres. He then served as CEO of Australia's largest procure-to-pay software company. He started EQ8R in 2017 to help businesses automate their operations.

Doug is the co-author of a new book, Machine Learning for Business, from Manning Publications.


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