At EQ8R, we can help you wherever you are in your automation journey - from helping you set up your automation team and select software through to providing you with a single managed function to assist with a troublesome part of a process.

The funnel below shows the four stages where EQ8R can add value to your automation journey.

If you are a company or organisation building your own automation capability, we can assist at any of the stages.

If you are an RPA consulting firm, EQ8R can assist with particular engagements by providing white-labelled solutions to cost-effectively solve a particular challenge for a client. For example, if your client needs a remittance processing solution, you can use the EQ8R solution via an API rather than building your own. From your client's perspective, it can be just another component in your automated solution.

To get started, contact us and we'll talk about where you are at in your automation journey and where EQ8R can add value.