The problem

Moving from one software system to another system is hard work. You have a lot of data in your original system that you need to get into your new system and the software vendor who sold you the new system often lacks the skillset to help you migrate.

A company migrating from thousands of employees and contractors from one payroll system to another faced this problem. In addition, they needed to perform the migration in a number of stages requiring them to repeat the migration several times.

Doing this without a managed function would have required the human resources staff to repeatedly transform data from the old system format to the new system format in several batches. And any mistakes they made would immediately reflect in the pay packets for their employees and contractors.

The managed function that solves the problem

EQ8R prepared two managed functions for them. The first managed function transformed employee data from one format to another. The second function transformed the benefits each employee was entitled to.

Using a managed function meant that they could quickly move over each batch of employees as required.

What made this problem suitable to being solved by managed functions?

This task may never have to be performed by these staff again. Using managed functions, there was no new software to learn. They just provided the input, discussed the how it needed to be transformed and received the output.