At EQ8R, we have run a large number of automation projects using technology ranging from custom coding to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software such as UIPath and Softomotive to API platforms such as Mulesoft and numerous workflow engines. In many of these projects, we would make great progress for most of it but we'd get hung up on a couple of aspects of the project; and these parts of the project would create time and cost over-runs or even put the entire project at risk.

To help address this, we started building custom functions that handled the difficult parts of an automation project. This allows us to do the bulk of an automation project using the tools preferred by our clients but, when needed, use custom functions to handle parts of the project ill-suited to the automation tool.

Examples of the types of problems managed functions solve

We describe particular use cases throughout this site. Some examples include:

  1. Converting PDF and Excel remittances into data that can be matched with open items in an underwriting system (Match remittances)
  2. Converting product catalogues from a supplier format into different buyer formats (Sync catalogues).

How do Equator managed functions work?

At EQ8R, we have now released this capability for others to use. Instead of tackling the challenging part of the automation yourself, you simply contact us, describe your challenge and we'll either tell you how to tackle it using your own technology (at no charge) or we'll give you a quote to build and monitor a managed function.

We typically can build a managed function in a couple of days so your project deadlines are not impacted.

Managed functions can be deployed in your own data centre or your cloud provider (such as AWS, Microsoft or Google) or they can run on our infrastructure. You can even deploy managed functions to serverless infrastructure such as AWS Lambda to allow your functions to scale to handle any volume of transactions.

What is the "managed" part of a managed function?

EQ8R builds and monitors your functions. You tell us what you need and we set it up for you. There's no software for you to learn and we do all the monitoring for you.

Can I use Equator Managed Functions if I don't use an RPA / integration solution?

Lots of our clients don't use an RPA solution. For these clients we provide a variety of other ways to use managed functions.

Some customers just interact with their managed function using email. They simply email an Excel file or PDF to an email address we set up for them, a managed function monitors this email address and sends back the output.

Other customers are good at getting data into and out of their systems and just need a function to transform their data from one format to another. These customers can push their data to the managed function through an API we set up for them or even by dropping their data onto an SFTP server.

We're confident we'll figure out a way to get the data from you and return it to you if you have a use for a managed function ;)