The problem

Hospitality and food service suppliers are often required to provide their products and pricing in different formats for different customers. Generating each of these formats and loading them into customer systems is time-consuming work. And if it is not done quickly, customers place orders for the wrong products at the wrong prices which creates a lot of work for their finance team issuing credits and their ordering team clarifying orders.

The benefit

Managing products and pricing is challenging to get right across several different formats and is often performed by more senior staff because getting it wrong can lead to tangible losses. Using an Equator managed function, you can easily create all of the formats you need and you can also automatically sync the products to each system so your pricing and product range is always correct. This saves time for your ordering staff and your invoicing staff.

The managed function that solves the problem

EQ8R has pre-configured connectors for many of the common systems used in the hospitality industry (such as Birchstreet, Compass and others). And can easily build additional connectors.

Simply nominate which systems you want to connect to and when you want to sync your products and pricing and we'll handle the rest.

EQ8R can even handle complex workflows where your buyer requires you to match your products with their master catalogue products.